Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oil + Sugar

Goggles, Garter Belt, & Collar: Oil and Sugar Model & MUA: Acid Doll  Concept & Photog: Mlle Chèvre. 


  1. Mlle Chèvre, not Chévre ;) (it's me)
    Thanks for the feature! I appreciate the credits a lot.

  2. Sorry about that, I've fixed it now. You're work is beautiful, would love to feature more in the future! -SR

  3. Where might I be able to purchase this item?

  4. There is two new pictures of this photoshoot, it's the two last pictures on this post on my website : http://www.emerald000.com/tom/chevre/cms/sky-traveler/
    Also, I think I forgot to mention it, but it's Oil and Sugar, preferably Atelier Oil and Sugar, not Oil + sugar :P

    Also, Oil and Sugar doesn't sale nor make any of those anymore. Well, the necklace kind of thing is still available! you can contact him via his website http://oilandsugar.com