Thursday, February 21, 2013

Etsy: Carousel Ink

Victorian Corset Tshirt
Victorian City Legging
Hot Air Balloon Legging
Grey Striped Pippi Legging

I think I know what will be included in my spring wardrobe purchases. I love when cosplay and everyday wear merge into geeky wonderfulness. 

I was poking around Pinterest this morning and saw the Hot Air Balloon Leggings pinned by Lisa Mantchev (who BTW has great pins, so you should totally follow her) and knew I needed to prioritize this post and get thee credit card ready.

I'm a fan of Black Milk Clothing, and love almost everything they've got going on. As of yet, they haven't done anything specifically Steampunk –although, there are many pieces that could be incorporated into an outfit. 

Anyway, this is where Carousel Ink fills the void, based in Nashville TN, these friends have designed some pretty great pieces of wearable art.

Via their Etsy page:

Step right up! Have your tickets ready!

Adding a new twist to Vintage Curiosities; Carousel Ink conjures up Carnival Nights, Steampunk Dreams and a Menagerie of Fantasy.

Friends for Life—Autumn, Celena & Martin form a dynamic trio. Autumn & designs and fabricates all the clothing, Martin Obakke, adds his original hand drawn illustrations while Celena Cavala, maintains the insanity/chaos as Ringmaster.

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